Access link to the online exhibition will be available on 3 March 2021.
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Note: ONE hour CPD attendance certificate will only be issued to participants who have visited the online exhibition and answered the related questions. Duplicate applications will not be processed. Apply at https://rebrand.ly/mimep-survey
(An e-certificate will be issued to participants who filled in the survey after visiting the virtual exhibition within one month.)
Mixed Reality System for MEP Plant Simulation (with Trimble XR10 and HoloLens2)
Mini Corridor Composite Services Module (MiMEP)
Integrated AHU
Exhibitor: Welcome Air-Tech Ltd.
Smoke Extraction Fan Plant Room - MiMEP / MiC (for AMC) & DfMA Modularized Made-up Water Pump Room (for Global Switch)
Exhibitor: Gammon E&M Limited
Cast-in Channel for Lift Guiderail Installation
Flexible Sprinkler Drops
DfMA Chilled Water Pump Set
DfMA PIP Pipe Riser
DfMA FS Subsidiary Valves
Integrated AHU Cooling Tower (for Fu Shan Public Mortuary) & Air-cooled Chiller Plant (for DHL Central Asia Hub Phase 3)
MiMEP of FS Jockey Pump Set
MiMEP of FS Pressure Reducing Valve Set
MiC for Elderly Home
Exhibitor:  Southa Technical Ltd.
DfMA for Electrical Panel
Exhibitor:  Southa Technical Ltd.
Sprinkler Inlet and Sprinkler Control Valve
P-Cut and T-Weld with Cobot
REC Engineering Co. Ltd. / O-Link Limited
Remote Control Drilling Machine (D1-Drillraffe)
Exhibitor: CSC Robotic Engineering Limited
Automatic Drilling & Anchoring Robot (D2-Drillcorpio)
Exhibitor: CSC Robotic Engineering Limited
MiMEP of Plumbing and Drainage Pipes
DfMA Cooling Tower Modules (for West Kowloon Government Offices)
Hong Kong Integrated Waste Management Facilities